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Why Healthy & Fresco

Serving a healthier lifestyle and how and why did this all came to be.

About Healthy & Fresco

Our Mission:

Our mission statement is to inspire a healthy lifestyle for all ages with a solid foundation of great nutrition and the practice of sports by providing fresh, reasonably priced products and superior, fast and detailed customer service.

Our Concept:

Healthy & Fresco is a healthy fast food concept that serves fast, fresh, healthy meals that include meats, vegetables, breads, fruits, soups, smoothies and more. Customers have the opportunity to “create his or her own” bowl, salad, sandwich, or wrap.

Our Story:

Over a decade ago during our U.S. Navy active duty days, we questioned how could we continue to serve our country and productively utilized our proven 45 years of Senior Enlisted Leadership and Management experience. The overwhelming reality of a Senior Enlisted Leader is that serving is in our DNA. Having this fact in mind we drafted our initial business plan prior to retirement “go into business together with a purpose of making a difference in our community”. The business model has changed throughout the years in order to properly address a social need and inspire a cultural change. We simply asked ourselves: “How can we make a positive difference in America that can impact all ages and have a great time throughout the journey?” The answer was simple: Let’s open a restaurant for a fast-moving pace America that encompasses the following:

1. A fun culture of commitment, devotion, and team effort.

2. Inspires a healthy lifestyle to all ages with a solid foundation of healthy eating, sports and innovative nutrition training and education.

3. Provide fresh, reasonably priced products and superior, fast and detailed customer service.

4. Become a strong community sports and community services advocate.  An advocate that leads the efforts of planning and executing services in support of community events.

Welcome to Healthy & Fresco!

Our Founders
Israel Martinez and Pablo Rosado

Israel and Pablo during their Navy days